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Little Sapling Toys Workshop

Second half of the conference table build. These are going to go over to the wide belt on Monday. Then glue the two halves together, and cut to final shape in the CNC.



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Paintable Easter Eggs


One of our favorite Easter traditions is painting our wooden eggs. We have been doing it for 10 years now and have quite the collection. It is so much fun to pull them out year after year. Our kids love to sort them by: 

1. All of their eggs.

2. All of the eggs from each year. 

3. Their favorite eggs. 

Shop With A Purpose

“I love promoting a company that strives to help grown a child’s imagination with beautiful, simple toys! An added bonus to being a player is what we are able to help LST give back to nature!!” - Kelli Fields. Kelli joined our Player program this month and planted 50 trees!


Little Sapling Toys Workshop

New addition to the shop. I found this Biesemeyer T-square blade guard in the local classifieds for $75. I love having a guard on the table saw, and the SawStop guard that comes with the saw is terrible. I will elaborate if you would like, just ask. So I thought I would give this a try. It installed in a very short amount of time and so far so good. The dust collection is great too.

New and Better!


Hey, you! We restocked our cars and trucks and they are bigger and better than ever! 🚙 The little guys on top are the old style and the ones on the bottom are the new style!

Little Sapling Toys Workshop

I have been meaning to make this hose management boom arm for a while now. This is going to make using the various sanders and buffers much easier to use. It took about an hour total. Now I need to figure out a good way to hang the sanders and we will be golden. I love improving my shop almost as much as I like to make stuff in it.

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