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Wooden Toys Under $25

Looking for a unique toy to get for your sister’s best friend’s baby shower? Don’t want to show up with the same thing as three other guests? Story of my life. Welcome to the world of wooden toys. Little Sapling Toys offers a lot of toys under $25 that are not only cute but are also functional and long-lasting. We thought of a few types of moms we know and included what they may like best!

For the Instagram Mom

These little beauties are definitely our best seller. What mom doesn’t want to celebrate daily, weekly, monthly milestones with her Little Sapling? Age blocks in mixed wood and all-maple wood. These are especially perfect if the baby shower is before the baby’s arrival. Mom can use them in her belly bump pictures too!

age blocks - baby - styled nursery

For the Geeked Out Mom

These are the [toys] you are looking for. Whether your recipient is a Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Star Trek fan, we got a teether for their little Ewok/House Elf/Vulcan. These handmade teethers are sure to soothe achy gums while introducing the greatest sagas of all time to little ones.

harry potter toy - darth vader toy - star trek toy

For the Minimalist Mom

We all have that friend who keeps a Pinterest-esque house. I personally don’t know how they do it, even after growing up with a mom who lives and breathes minimalism. Anyways, I digress. This 11-piece, mixed wood block set will come in handy when a baby is developing motor skills. These blocks have been said to “look more like a decoration than toys” which means minimalist moms can leave these out without having a heart attack.

blocks - plain - minimalist gift - wooden blocks

For Any Mom

Rattles are sure to please any Little Sapling. Wooden rattles are stunning and durable gifts for an infant to enjoy with all his or her senses. Rattles are easy to grasp, inviting to chew, soothing to hear and interesting to study. They are not only practical, but they are great additions to photoshoots and flatlays. Little Sapling Toys has round rattles, ring rattles, and a cylinder rattle.

wooden rattle - rattle - wooden toy - handmade

For the Trendy Mom

Picture a mom with a Starbucks Coffee in one hand and a baby wearing moccs in the other. You ask them what they are listening to and they might respond, “You probably haven’t heard of them.” Did you think of someone in particular? This is the toy for them! Little Sapling Toy’s Coffee Cup teether is a hit with trendy babies. The perfect addition to a trendy baby’s outfit is this teether, and OH YEAH it will soothe their achy teething gums.

coffee cup - coffee toy - starbucks

Good luck at your upcoming shower! We hope these little tidbits inspired you!

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