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Three Wooden Developmental Toys

Toys don't have to just be for play and fun, they can also help with development. With that in mind, we have designed a few wooden toys that specifically help your Little Sapling develop motor skills, recognize patterns and experiment with creativity. 

Cobbler's Hammer Bench, $59

Inspired by toys we had when we were kids, we brought this hammer back in style. As your kiddos grasp the hammer and pound the pegs down, they will develop motor skills and confidence. Once the pegs are all down, your Little Sapling can flip it over and start over!

hammer toy - bench - developmental toy

Circle Stacking Toy, $44

Another classic toy goes organic. This maple, walnut and cherry stacking toy promotes imagination and also builds fine motor skills for both infants and toddlers. The pieces can be arranged in any way making it a frustration-free way to recognize patterns and experiment with creativity. 

wood toy - circle stacking toy - stacker

Car and Truck with Tunnels and Bridges, $44

Pretend play is equally fun as it is beneficial. According to, pretend play is crucial for early development for many reasons. Pretend play allows children to experiment with "social and emotional roles in life." It is important that children imagine themselves doing such things as driving to promote a sense of imagination. 

wooden car toy

Play time is one part fun and one part development. Find toys that challenge your Little Sapling to create a fun and educational environment. 

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