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Personal Setbacks

Over the past 18 months, we have transitioned our family from our mountain home (as seen in the video here) to a tiny home. We evaluated our life priorities, donated most of our belongings, bought a travel trailer, and spent four months remodeling it to be our "dream home." On August 13 we finished our tedious labor of love and moved in our remaining treasures as a family. On the way to its new home, it was involved in a serious accident, flipped on its side, was torn apart, and ultimately destroyed.

We are incredibly grateful that no one was hurt and recognize the fortune we have in health, business, and family. Our minimalist dreams have been traumatized, however, and we've been contacted numerous times by kind family, friends, and customers who want to help. We released this coloring book as your chance to do just that, help the Little Sapling Toys family. Whether you purchase and enjoy this timeless activity or simply share this listing, we appreciate your love and support.

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