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Little Sapling Toys Baby Shower

I have a confession: baby showers intimidate me. Whether I'm the hostess, the guest of honor, or just an attendee, it's all a bit overwhelming. The party planning, public gift opening, awkward games, and, let's not forget, the dreaded small talk. Send. Help.

That being said, I love the most recent trend of baby showers to be more casual gatherings with unique themes, reusable decor, and a closely edited guest list. These efforts are taking baby showers from awkward exercises in formality and tradition to intimate celebrations to celebrate new life.

Beautiful baby shower low dinner table.

Little Peanut Magazine recently featured one such shower, and it included all of my favorite elements: a few close friends, amazing food and flowers, and of course - Little Sapling Toys! But our toys weren’t just wrapped up in pretty packages on the lonely gift table at this “boho-chic fete”. Oh no, they took center stage. Follow along as we highlight all the clever ways Little Sapling Toys was featured at this incredible shower styled by Megan Bailey and Tessa Woolf.

Giraffe wooden teether as a napkin holder at a baby shower.

Moose wooden teether as a napkin holder at a baby shower.

Duck wooden teether as a napkin holder at a baby shower.

Did you, like me, think teethers were just for…teething? Silly us! I’ve never seen a more perfect napkin holder! After finishing the delicious meal of spring vegetable salad with King Salmon, perhaps the mama-to-be came away with an envious collection of new teethers, or maybe each guest went home with the adorable party favor. Either way, YES.

The rainbow toy is in my top five of favorite toys in the shop. It’s just so beautiful. When my kids leave the pieces strewn across the floor - as they always inevitably do - I don’t even mind. You could say that the rainbow stacker is making me a better parent? Okay, yeah, it’s a stretch. But I love how the party planners incorporated them in this tablescape, with both the three woods version and the all-maple. The natural beauty of the unfinished wood makes a stunning contrast against the vibrant flower arrangements by Amber Reverie. I’m sure the guest of honor loved taking these home to add to the nursery.

Little Sapling’s signature baby name blocks are practically made for baby showers. Our alphabet block set was used at this shower, but you could also spell out baby’s name, mom’s name, or some sweet and charming words and phrases about baby. The best thing about blocks is they never go out of style and they never stop being fun. My 10-year-old will still join his 3-year-old brother for a game of block stacking. To be honest, I love to join in too! It’s a gift that you know won’t be thrown in a box in the basement in six months.

Our sister company Sapling Home also made a stunning appearance at the table with these ash wood block candle holders. The black finish is made using the ancient Japanese finishing technique of Shou-Sugi Ban in which the wood is preserved by charring it with fire. Lighting is key in setting the atmosphere of an event, and you can’t go wrong with candlelight. The table instantly feels special and intimate.

Mama to be at baby shower with maternity age photo prop blocks.

The mama-to-be was given a set of all-maple age blocks, which I love because they can be used to document each week of her pregnancy. Then, once the baby arrives, they’re used to track his days, weeks, and months. Once he’s too old for that, he can stack and play with them! This toy is pulling triple duty here, folks.

Chef Tom Call finished off the meal with some incredible berry-themed desserts: huckleberry ice cream, huckleberry profiteroles, and jars of fromage blanc panna cotta topped with blueberries and blackberry jam. Unfortunately, Little Sapling doesn’t yet make a profiterole-shaped teether. What we do make are some delicious-looking donut and cookie teethers, and they were a perfect (sugar-free) accompaniment to the higher-brow sweets.

Treat table at baby shower.

Also spotted at the shower: our alphabet wall art in grey ash casually propped against the wall on an industrial stool, the modern step stool in walnut, the rocking horse toy in birch, and our darling birch crate carrying a lovely bunch of flowers rather than blocks. Another toy pulling double duty in the cleverest way.

The party’s blue theme was accentuated with hanging tie-dyed swaddlers by Te Adoro, cushioned seating around the table with pillows by Mae Woven, and leather mats under the table by Gathre. Again, some brilliant repurposing with products that will be used again and again. Ending the evening with the final takeaway of wooden dessert teethers. I have to think that no trash can was necessary to clean up this party. Take all of that goodness home, ladies! Insert heart eye emoji.

Check out Little Peanut Magazine's blog for the full details on this incredible shower at Boho Baby Shower Part One and Boho Baby Shower Part Two.

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Jessica Peterson Photo
FLORAL DESIGN: Amber Reverie
FOOD: Food Made by Tom
WOOD TOYS: Little Sapling Toys