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How to Style Wooden Age Blocks

How to Style Wooden Age Blocks

One of our best sellers is our wooden age blocks. When we are tagged on Instagram, there is a really good chance that it is a Little Sapling next to their age blocks.  There are many things our age blocks can be used for beyond counting the days your little bundle of joy has been in your life. We have compiles a few creative ways to use your age block set.

wooden age blocks - photo props - baby

Bump Pictures

Get those age blocks before the baby comes, you'll need them! We LOVE bump pictures. Mom’s journey is just as special as baby’s arrival. Use age blocks to document the nine months you are waiting for your Little Sapling to come along.

age blocks - photography props - milestones 

Days Until Calendar

Every day should be a celebration! Going on a vacation or celebrating a birthday soon? Don’t put the age blocks away just yet! Age blocks are a great way to display the days until a major event. Take it a step further and use them in a flat lay to share with on your Instagram stories. 

Our friends at Salt & Pine Market shared this on their Instagram to count the days until their pop-up shop is LIVE! 

milestone - age blocks - photo props


Capture the Tiniest Moments 

Every single day can be a celebration. From first coos to first words, remember the day by taking a picture of your Little Sapling with their age blocks. Each set is capable of showing days, weeks, months and years. Don’t let any moment slip through the cracks and start at day one!

Check out what one of our followers (@hueyxlous) shared with us. We can't handle the cuteness!

milestone - age blocks - photo props

We LOVE to see what you do with your age blocks! If you have any other ideas, tag us on Instagram (@littlesaplingtoys) or e-mail us at!

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