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How to Build a BabyList Registry

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You’ve taken the test and results are positive. You’re pregnant, congratulations!

Now what?

Time to build your registry! Let's get some wood toys on there!

The perfect registry is diverse and has items from various sites and businesses. Instead of using multiple registries online and in-store, which could get confusing!), we can register at! The site is user-friendly and walks you through every step, making it hassle-free to keep all your items in one place.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Welcome to!

The home screen makes it easy when choosing what to click based on your needs. We’re here to register so be sure and click “Create Your Babylist.”

We’ve started the process so go ahead and enter in your contact info. One of the key options here is whether or not you want to keep your registry private, or make it public. If you choose private, then your friends and family would need a direct link to find your registry. A public registry lets your friends and family search on for your registry under your name, or your registry’s name.  

Be sure and read the “Terms of Use” and click the box to continue.

Once you’re finished, click “Let’s Start!”

Step 2: All About You and Baby!

Luckily this part is brief and you only need to enter in basic information before continuing.  Your friends and family may want to know when your due date is  in anticipation for choosing sizes and gifts based on season.

Whether or not you want to add in your partner’s info, it is completely optional!

Go ahead and click “Next Step.”

Step 3: Getting Started

To add items to our Babylist registry you’ll need to add their button to your “Favorites Bar.” This is very similar to other sites, like Pinterest. For an even easier time adding the button, there is a helpful little gif that shows us how. This way, when you’re browsing through sites like Amazon, Target, Pottery Barn Kids, etc. you can simple click the button “Add to BabyList” and that item will show up in your registry for your friends and family to see!

*post further down will show how*

Step 4: Start Adding!

One of my favorite features about the site is that it gives great suggestions for your registry! These are popular items and it also shows you where they can be purchased.

That darling fleece hat is from Amazon for only $11.11

You can look through the suggestions on the first page, or go through the different categories and see what catches your eye.

Step 5: Go to My Babylist

Welcome to your registry! This page shows you what you’ve completed so far, and what you have left to do. Your page has a fun countdown at the top of the page to remind you how many days till your due date. It’s exciting to check back and see that number dwindle.

Since lists are always helpful, let’s go ahead and continue going down the checklist.

Step 6: Family Details

BabyList is has an extensive list of options for all expecting families and their many different choices when it comes to welcoming Baby.

Be sure and “Save” your work!

Step 7: Shipping Address

When your friends and family see your registry, they can either purchase the items from your list and have them sent to their own home, or yours. This makes it easy for those loved one who can’t make it your baby shower to have the gift sent directly to you!

Step 8: Baby Shower

Speaking of baby showers, BabyList makes it easy to add your baby shower info onto your registry! You can either mark “no” and not worry about putting the info out there, or you can make it public with dates and who is hosting the party for you.

Step 9: Adding Personality

Next we’ll want to pick a name for your registry, upload a picture onto your page, and write a little something about your registry. This helps distinguish your page from others. You never know how many Jane Does are out there!

Step 10: Registry Inserts

What’s awesome about the “insert card” feature is that 1: It’s free and 2: One less thing you have to worry about when preparing for your baby shower. These can easily be sent out with announcements and people can see where you’re registered!

Step 11: Ready, Set, GO!

You’ve completed all the preliminary info and are ready to start adding gifts! Go ahead and click on “add gifts” and that will take you to BabyList’s extensive list of items that are essential for baby’s arrival!

Bonus Step 12: Adding from Outside Site

When you’re scrolling through baby items on your favorite pages, be sure to always sign up for their newsletter - new items may become available and you can add to your registry!

Little Sapling Toys is a fun site full of items that will spark your little one’s imagination and get their cognitive gears engaged.

Be sure and find a useful item, like a teether, that is just as darling as your little one.

If there’s an option for a personalization, then go ahead and ask for it! Your little one’s name or birth stats are a great addition to your toy that will last a lifetime.

Once you’ve picked out what you want and know the price and quantity, be sure and click the button “Add to BabyList” on your Favorites Bar of your browser to add it to your registry. A screen will come up prompting you to enter in details about the toy. When you’ve filled it out accordingly and click “Add to BabyList” at the bottom.

Once you’ve completed all these steps, then you’re ready to have an incredible registry full of the best items to prepare you for your new life with baby!

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