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At Little Sapling Toys HQ recently, we made a BIG change to our product line by changing over all our wooden teethers to a completely new style. It was a business risk. It was a lot of work. It was necessary.

As an industry leader in wooden teethers, there were many reasons that we felt this a needed change for our baby toy line of products.

  1. The design change makes the production faster, which means we can offer more affordable shipping options and quicker turnaround. It also means there is a shorter loop between the idea for a new design and having it available for our customers.
  2. Our state teethers are now perfectly accurate maps of what they represent. If someone vacationed on a remote island off the coast of Michigan’s upper peninsula, now it will be included on the teether.
  3. The teethers are now thinner and easier for babies to hold, with a larger surface area for personalization and design. The new designs are cute and make our line cohesive and easy to shop.
  4. As smaller manufacturers have popped up offering wooden teethers, many have duplicated our original designs. While we appreciate the compliment, this has made the online landscape of wooden toys confusing and our shops more difficult to distinguish.
We pioneered wooden teethers to where they are today and feel a responsibility to continue to be innovative and provide for our customer’s needs. We are excited about this recent change and look forward to continuing to evolve and offer the best modern wooden toys available today.

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